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From: Sarah Johnson

Dear Friend,


My name is Sarah Johnson. Perhaps you've heard or read about me. I help thousands of people from all over the world earn a steady income each and every day working in the comfort of their own homes. I own and operate Data Entry Work, a business where you could make $250-$1,000 or more per day, just by processing datas at home for Internet companies!

Data Entry Work is NOT a get-rich quick scheme. It has nothing to do with envelope stuffing, multi-level marketing, cold calling or any other get rich program that makes big promises but fails to deliver results. I am offering a REAL JOB opportunity that could change your life forever! Unlike any other 'WORK AT HOME' program Data Entry Work actually pays you for the work you do!

The most remarkable thing about this program is anyone can make money with it. It doesn't require any special skills, training, education or previous business experience. You only need access to the Internet and basic processing refunds skills.

It is the perfect home business for stay at home moms, students, home makers, retirees or anyone that is in need of some extra cash. Data Entry Work is available WORLDWIDE.

You can start generating HUGE profits with as little as 30 minutes a day. Please take the time to read and carefully study my offer…I will even show you proof that this program really works! You cannot afford to miss out on this once in a life time opportunity!



You do NOT need a website!

You do NOT need your own products or services!

You do NOT do any selling!

You do NOT have to talk to customers on the phone!

You do NOT have to email customers!


I can't stress enough how easy Data Entry Work is to run. I mean it's A-B-C easy. Anyone can do it. Just follow my simple instructions and you will quickly and easily make thousands of dollars per week.

1. Login to your account.
2. Enter the data I provide you with.
3. Submit data.
4. Process.
5. REPEAT steps 2 to 4!

Below is one of the forms I completed. I will provide you with ALL of the information you need to complete identical forms.

You get paid for processing data exactly like this! Just think... How much data you can process daily??? Register today, follow my instructions and watch the money roll in day after day, month after month!!!

How easy is that? It requires NO selling or face-to-face contact with anyone and you do not need your own website. Data Entry Work can be run entirely from your own home. It doesn't take long and you can start earning immediately. Working as little as 30 minutes a day you will quickly and easily make thousands of dollars per week.

There are NO QUOTAS to meet, and no one will be looking over your shoulder. You can work as much or as little as you like.

How easy is that? I did exactly what you've just done myself almost 6 months ago and now I make over $1,000.00 each and every day!!! There really is NO OTHER Work at Home job that pays you more money than you could ever dream. If you haven't already done so, you can take the steps necessay to secure your financial freedom from here:


Here are screen shots of my last full monthly totals. See how much money I made using this system from home.

Like any work at home business, there are months that are better than others. But I can tell you that I do earn a steady and increasing amount of money each and every month online. The chart would look like one of those rising stock charts. Sometime a little down, but always on a climb upwards when you see the big picture.

I get paid every DAY and the money is deposited directly into my bank account!

Screenprint from my online bank statement

I will show you EXACTLY what to do and provide you with everything you need to make this much money working from home. More importantly, I WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO DUPLICATE THESE RESULTS so you can make as much OR MORE than I have promised here.

"Part Time Work. Full Time Income"

If you're sick you get paid, if it's a holiday you get paid, if it's raining you get paid! I've got a really, really nice full time income, working just part time from home.

I can build a six figure income with this job. I have been with this company for a very short time and my income has expanded beyond my expectations.

- Paul

"Easy, Simple, and VERY Profitable!"

I was very skeptical at first but I trusted my instinct to give it a try... and just 50 minutes after I registered, I had made $500!!!

- Rose


Register now for a small one-time registration fee of just $37.00 SimplyClick Here and you'll be taken to my totally secure “Risk Free Request Form”.

Risk free..? That's right - I am so sure that you are going to love my home DATA ENTRY WORK program, that I have also put together an amazing guarantee!


This is a limited offer. Due to the overwhelming response I have very few spots left. When the remaining spots are all filled, I may no longer be able to accept new REBATE PROCESSOR POSITIONS. I apologize in advance to anyone who cannot participate.

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Urgent Update: I will only accept the next 3 Participants that register online by Midnight
. Once again I apologize in advance to anyone who cannot participate.

If you wait, you may very well be locked out of this deal because I'm only accepting a LIMITED number of registrations at this time.

If you want to be guaranteed the lock-in price of $137.00 $37.00, then you must take action today. Registering is a breeze. Have your credit card or check ready. Click on the button below and follow the instructions.

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Get paid to go shopping, eat dinner out, and go to the movies. Both earn income AND save money doing the things you're doing anyway. Easy to start.

  • Eat out at great restaurants with your family, AND get paid to do it?
  • Get paid to do all your grocery shopping?
  • Go to the latest movies and get paid for watching them?
  • Have fun with your family while providing a nice extra income stream all at the same time?
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Whatever it is that you are looking for, whether it be brand name consumer electronics, clothing, auto parts, pet supplies, bicycles are about to find out exactly where and how to get it.

    • Brand name Laptop computers: as low as $200
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    • Designer clothing (Polo, Lacoste, Diesel, Prada, Tommy Hilfiger etc.) up to 95% off
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Value $69.37 (This bonus is 100% original and can't be bought anywhere else) - Yours FREE!



If You Want To Take Concrete Steps Towards Getting A Grant, And Want To Know Step-By-Step Exactly How To Do it you need the Truth Behind Government Grants.

    • How to choose the type of grant, entitlement or even loan that is best for you (there are certain advantages and disadvantages to different ways of getting money that you must know)
    • All about various types of entitlements and why an entitlement may be best for you.
    • The things you MUST do before you ever even think of filing out an application (if you don’t do this, your chances of getting approved for a grant will be slim)
    • Exactly what the people reviewing your application are looking for
    • Exactly how to put your whole application together in the most effective way possible
    • The secret techniques you should use to out-shine your competition and make yourself a clear favorite to get your application approved


Value $69.37 (This bonus is 100% original and can't be bought anywhere else) - Yours FREE!

These free bonuses alone are worth more than double your registration -- but it's all yours absolutely free when you register now!

"In Just 3 Short Weeks, I was able to Make More Money with this Data Entry than with BOTH My Full Time and Part Time jobs Combined!" - Jason

"Before I started working with Sarah, I was living paycheck to paycheck and not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Sarah has truly been a huge blessing to me and has helped me tremendously! Sarah is not only a great mentor, but she is also an extraordinary friend." - Erica

"This is a bullet-proof way to make truck loads of money literally at will. It didn't take me long at all to reach $3,400 using your system. In fact, it took me less than 1 week. Best part is, Data Entry Work is so consistent and accurate that I know exactly how much money I will make during the next few weeks!" - Graham

Unless you're happy with your current situation, you really owe it to yourself to take a shot at this, even if only on a part-time basis, especially since it's fully guaranteed.

The worst that can happen is you'll come-out $37.00 ahead of the game.

Consider this: If your life continues in the same direction it is now...

Will you honestly be where you really want to be one year from today?
Will you honestly be any closer to financial freedom?
Will you be manifesting your dreams?
If you don't like the answer you get… you must allow me to help you do something to change it. For you to get different results in your life, you've got to do something different.


There is a "One Time non-refundable Fee" of $37.00 to help cover our expenses in maintaining and developing these programs. You are not paying for employment. You are paying for our services in bringing you this incredible opportunity! Directly to you, in the comfort of your own home!

In any case, whether this is for you, or not, I very much appreciate that you took the time to consider my offer.

And I wish you all the best in whatever you decide.


Sarah Johnson

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